Are you feeling WORN today? This word is just for you!


Oh my goodness. I love waking up and being led to a word from a loving God.

This morning, I received a link to Tenth Avenue North’s, Worn. Right when I needed a word, there it sat in my inbox.

Why today? Well, I’m in the midst of writing and rewriting and rewriting some more the words of a new book project, “Halos with Horns: What to do when women look like angels but act like devils.” Quite possibly the hardest words I’ve ever had to put on paper, because they require me to go back to a dark place in my life. Three long years of acute culminating pain over the hurtful words and actions of others, particularly “others” I loved very much. I don’t want to write, I want to forget. Bury. Let it lie. But, I feel so compelled by the Holy Spirit to do so, in hopes of helping other women heal, find hope, and continue serving both Jesus and the Church. So many have walked away. In fact, I almost did. BUT, we can’t.

So, this song reminded me to put those words on paper. Write words that will redeem.

Maybe you are worn, like I was, and need to be reminded that REDEMPTION is right around the corner. Take a few moments of this day to listen to Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North both share his testimony and sing his song. It brought healing as I closed my eyes, folded my hands, and breathed it in.

“I’m worn even before the day begins. Heaven, come and flood my eyes.” Amen.

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  1. kimberlyquinley

    Loved the blog today… so timely! love you more!

    On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Fresh Starts

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