The Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part IIThe Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part IIThe Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part II

Upping the ante of my 2016 good, solid belly laughs–I want to be above average in this important life skill!

Visiting the Archives for Part II of “The Practice of Joy and Celebration”

In honor of #myoneword, laugh, I’m visiting the archives today. Last week we visited, “The Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part I,” so today, we visit Part II. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown since I first posted these thoughts. I hope it gives you food for thought as you enter 2016.

Lord knows we all need a little more laughter—a little more joy and celebration— in our lives. With the world news playing 24/7, we have to counter the bad news with good news.

I hope this spurs you on to a little belly laugh of your own.

The Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part II

Every day, make sure that you laugh at least thirty times. Consider that a small child laughs over four hundred times a day. For the average adult, the number is a paltry fifteen. Sometimes, especially when you are about to achieve some kind of breakthrough, you’ll get stuck, paralyzed by anxiety or uncertainty. I believe that laughter is a kind of psychological Drano designed specially for these situations. Laughter breaks up mental clogs, allowing your thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and actions to flow freely into areas you many never have explored.”
-Professional Life Coach and Author, Martha Beck, The Joy Diet.


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The Sound of a Good Belly Laugh

When I think of laughter, I remember a dear friend, Martha, whose enormous passion for life and people could be heard in her equally enormous belly laugh—deep, robust, and exuding her spirit of joy. Whenever I was in her presence, I couldn’t help but “catch her spirit” and without a doubt, would end up laughing myself. I had the honor of teaching her daughters, both in elementary school and then at my dance studio, and as a young mom, spent a great deal of time sitting at her feet, learning about how to be a great mom. She’s one of the best!

The Practice of Joy and CelebrationMartha and Lee with their extraordinary children. They now have a quiver
of grandkids, too! I’ve heard she’s teaching her grandchildren how to belly laugh, too!

The Radiance of Celebration

IF I have seen farther, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”
-Isaac Newton

Four years ago, I met a woman whose joy radiated the practice of celebration. Since then, I’ve been honored to spend time in her presence. Each and every time, I am astounded by her innate ability to make every single person in her presence feel valued and welcome.

The Practice of Joy and Celebration, Part II

Most of the time, when we think of the word “celebrate,” we think of a party or a festivity or grandiose fireworks on the 4th of July. But in its truest sense, celebrate means “assemble to honor or sing the praises of.”

So today, in our practice of celebration, I’m prodding us towards practicing two things:

  1. A good belly laugh fit like my friend Martha. At least 30x’s…not a paltry 15 times. And, maybe even attempting to laugh 400x’s—like a child!
  2. Call a friend or “assemble to honor or sing the praises of” a friend or loved one. Celebrate their life. Surprise them by sending them a note, sending them a text, doing something out of the ordinary to tell them how special they are to you.

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