What conditions have you created, what conditions do you have in place to be able to metabolize this nervous energy locked and stuck inside your nervous system?

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, The Age of Overwhelm

3 Strategic Ways to Manage Overwhelm

Right when I was facing my own serious overwhelm (January 2022), I found Laura van Dernoot Lipsky’s book, “Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others.”

It was a life saver.

She diagnosed my state of mind as “secondary trauma” or “vicarious trauma.”

As a mental health professional specializing in trauma-informed work, I hold space for those who need healing and memory reconsolidation from trauma: little “t” to big “T” trauma.

It is an honor and privilege to do this work. I don’t take it lightly.

This month, June 2022, is my 10th year of being in private practice. Wow.

When I went back to school to get my Masters in Counseling, little did I know I would evolve into working specifically and strategically with trauma…primarily trauma occurring as a result of very negative, unhealthy childhood issues. One-by-one, clients began showing up.

I digested any and all training, seminars, workshops, and certifications to bolster my capacity to help in this area of mental and emotional healing.

A big movement towards this work came when I was introduced to Aroma Freedom Technique (January 2019) and the work of Dr. Benjamin Perkus. This life-changing, revolutionary mental and emotional health tool invited an efficient, effective, and highly empowering method for consolidating any negative memories or narratives. I immediately enrolled in his Practitioner Certificaton and continue studying with him to this day.

P.S. His July 2022 Certification starts on July 12. He nows offers it fully online, as well. Email me if you want any more information or a code for 10% off the fee.

This training and course is life-changing, even on a personal basis.

About Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Three Strategic Ways to Manage Overwhelm
Three Strategic Ways to Manage Overwhelm

Laura’s personal story is compelling and her honesty refreshing.

She is in her lane and does it with integrity and valor.

I know you will receive so much from her wisdom and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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