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Every Wednesday, join our community conversation over on the podcast. To keep the conversation going, on Thursday’s, you’ll find additional resources, pdf’s, short videos, and links to articles/sites mentioned in the podcast, right here on the blog. By combining the spoken + written word, you’ll find yourself becoming stronger than ever!

Go Through it Tuesday: Falling Apart at the Seams.

"If someone is coming apart at the seams, they are feeling extremely upset and have difficulty continuing to do the things they usually do." -Idiom Dictionary Thank the Lord for fresh starts. Who among us hasn't needed one? Today I begin a new and exciting writing...

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Fresh Word for a Fresh Start: WOW! Wednesday

Today's Fresh Word: Psalm 9: 9-10 (NIV) "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. 10 Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." Challenge: Make a mental checklist and then a physical...

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Reviving the Dead Places

"Revival is not just evangelism, excitement, or emotionalism. It is the extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit." -Del Fehsenfeld Jr. There are several definitions of revival, but here's the one that is yelling into the seemingly dead or dry places in my life. "An...

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Fresh Start Friday: Deploying the Parachute of Prayer

When I least expected it, the sudden deployment of the parachute brought intense relief and immense silence. There, suspended thousands of feet in the air, life stopped and peace entered my soul. Today, we talk about the deployment of the parachute of prayer. Para...

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Is Your Mind a Mess?

I love how one moment leads to another and another moment leads to another moment...well, you get the point! (smile) The last few days have been spent knee-deep in many writing projects. AND, knee-deep in a bunch of mental doo (excuse the slang). On most days, I...

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