Remarkable Foundations

You were born to be a REMARKABLE woman whose life makes every life she touches better—by transforming ordinary, everyday things into something remarkable. This empowering course looks at three secrets to becoming the woman God created you to be: Remarkable Rest, Remarkable Resilience and Remarkable Radiance.

Chapter 1: Remarkable Beginnings

Start here when you’re ready for this remarkable journey. A brief video and an intro to the concepts we’ll learn in this course will get you off on the right track.

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Chapter 2: Remarkable Rest

Learn the discipline of rest. Moving from your current place to a remarkable place requires the ability to slow down—and sometimes, stop.

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Chapter 3: Remarkable Resilience

When you’ve learned the discipline of rest, you can grow in your remarkable resilience, bouncing back from life’s inevitable difficulties.

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Chapter 4: Remarkable Radiance

The final step on your remarkable journey is the radiance you’ll share with everyone around you. It’s time to shine like the stars!

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