Phase 1: Reflect

The present pain of your heartrift has had enough and begs the question, “Why is this happening?” Welcoming God into all of your whys is the first step toward healing your heart.

The resources below are designed to help walk you through Phase 1. Click the resource to download it.

Buy the Book

Are you ready to get started? Grab your copy of Overcoming Hurtful Words: Rewrite Your Own Story, a journal and pen, and take a few deep breaths. That’s right. Breathe in, breathe out. Your heart is in for some much-needed love and care.

Jeffrey A. Kottler, Ph.D.

So often change occurs from stories that we read, hear, or see, whether they include family legends, myths, fairy tales, novels, films, television shows, plays, song lyrics, or even blogs. It turns out that because of mirror neurons we can experience vicarious life events as if they really happened to us. As far as your brain is concerned, the people you ‘meet’ in stories really are your friends and loved ones. And the adventures you enjoy through fiction and stories really do teach you important lessons. The strong emotions you feel during a well-told story further cements memory and help you to retrieve information in the future, all without leaving the safety and comfort of a chair.”