Words Matter

Hurtful words can steal joy, distort truth, & create long-term struggles with understanding your value, worth and dignity. By using The Heartlift Method, learn to speak healing words to yourself and to everyone in your sphere of influence. Consider me your personal heartlift specialist. I am here to guide you through the three phases of your heartlift and lead you into true freedom. Ready to get started?

Order my new book and discover the three-fold cord of emotional health and spiritual authenticity.
Janell Rardon is an author, speaker, and certified life coach, and creator of the innovative life coaching process, The Heartlift Method.


Janell writes from the heart. Her authentic voice lends both grace and grit to living a God-breathed, God-sized life. Read more on her blog and in her books.

Event Speaker

Whether 5, 50, 500 or 5,000, Janell speaks heartlifting, healing words that engage, empower and encourage a healthier life, family, community or organization.

Board Certified Life Coach

Coaching and Consulting to help you, your family, your church or your organization create a heartlifting environment where everyone thrives.