I am passionate about empowering you.

I’m Janell. I’ll be your guide on a journey of discovery as you write a better story for yourself. Together we will strengthen your emotional health and spiritual authenticity. I can’t promise easy, but I do promise empowering.

I Write from My Heart

Sometimes my words are spoken to hundreds, sometimes to ten, and most often, in my life coaching practice, to one. No matter what, I find engaging conversation with others to be life-giving. Let’s make that happen here, ok?

I Speak with Passion

Whether it’s a crowd of 5,000, a congregation of 500, or a community of 50, I would be honored to speak with your group. Together, we’ll create a powerful gathering where women experience life-changing, heartlifting truths that bring healing, help and a whole lot of hope! Download my Speaking Topics (PDF) to share with your planning committee.

I Coach with Love

As a certified life coach, I work with churches, leaders, and organizations providing the tools for developing emotional health and spiritual authenticity. Dealing with your own hurt requires a different set of emotional intelligence skills from those required to help the people you lead live emotionally healthy lives.

Join a Remarkable Community

Changing old narratives is hard work. Need a safe space to learn self-care and get a fresh start on re-authoring your story? Join a community of remarkable women committed to walking with each other on a healing journey.

Ruth Njoki, Director of Children’s Joy Village, Kenya

Your heart is big and we’ve seen all the love and passion and effort you’ve put into this retreat. It is really out of this world. We didn’t expect all of this. To laugh. To cry. It is just remarkable and we will never forget this experience. We hope it happens every year.

Laura Robb

Janell offered me the space to ask hard questions, and helped me understand what was under those questions. We went on the journey together to more freedom, a stronger faith, and a deeper sense of clarity and healing.